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Happy New Year!

Christmas 2018

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2019!

Rocks and Stars

Just the other night I couldn't sleep, so I went outside to look at the view from outside my house. It was something like 3am when I went out there. 

I'm very fortunate to live right by the sea, and this particular evening was clear and calm. I could just make out the boats on the water, and the m…

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Thirassia Island

Santorini's best kept secret

With spectacular views back to Santorini, and just 150 residents, Thirassia island is like stepping back in time to the 1950's.

Just a short boat ride away, it's a huge leap back in time. 

Thirassia is a wonderful place to explore - a photographer's dream o…

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Shoot for the stars!

What do 2 photographers do for a 25th Wedding Anniversary?

Well, funny you should ask!  As it turns out we (my wife and I) stayed at a Parador (hotel) on the plateau of Mt Teide, here on Tenerife.  The hotel is situated at 3270 metres (10,728 feet) above sea level.

Not only is it a spectacul…

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Did You Know?

Apparently the best time for star photography is when there is no moon. Just for fun, and because I am Curious (remember the three 'C's !), I went up to Mt Teide on another evening and tried to photograph the stars during a full moon.

Quite a different look, but I still like the photo. The amazin…

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Sunset really is a good time to photograph!

While it's true that around sunrise and sunset the light is directional and soft and warm, those of you that have been on a photo tour with me on Santorini will know I am just as happy to shoot in the middle of the day.

One of the skills of being a great travel photographer is dealing with the li…

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